Lindenberg Anlagen GmbH

Marine and industrial diesel generators

Lindenberg-Anlagen GmbH
Lindenberg Anlagen GmbH Company has been working on the market of marine and industrial generating sets since 1948 and today it is one of the leading world-known manufacturers of high-tech and high-quality power equipment.

Group of companies "BREEZE" - is an official representative of Lindenberg Anlagen Company in Russia and CIS. We can offer you marine generating sets of the following type:

  • harbor generating sets
  • auxiliary generating sets
  • emergency generating sets
  • parking diesel generators

Power of the supplied generating sets:

  • 82 - 307 kW (on the base of John Deere engines)
  • 188 - 500 kW (on the base of Scania engines)
  • 420 - 665 kW (on the base of MAN engines)
  • 333 - 855 kW (on the base of Baudouin engines)
  • 670 - 1860 kW (on the base of Mitsubishi engines)
  • 1250 - 2250 kW (on the base of MTU engines)

The possibility of generating set manufacture of every power in the existed limits.

Diesel Power

Дизель-генераторы Lindenberg-Anlagen GmbH Diesel проектируются по техническим требованиям заказчика.

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Direct Drive

LINDENBERG-ANLAGEN GmbH operates is own pump test facility which can accommodate pumps up to 1.100 kw diesel power @ an output of 40 bar pressure and 760 m³/h volume flow.

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