HYUNDAI Circuit Breakers

Hyundai circuit breakers are one of the most reliable and advanced products, the optimal design of which is based on modern research in the field of kinetics and electrical engineering.
The Hi-Series molded case circuit breakers feature easy-to-use functions while providing versatility and high performance, which meets the requirements for compactness and ease of maintenance.

Main advantages of circuit breakers:

  • high service life due to applied design solutions and materials. New materials and coatings are used that prevent possible corrosion.
  • the use of special coatings on internal live parts, which can significantly increase the service life when working in aggressive environments (in coke chemistry, metallurgy, etc.)
  • modern modular design, a wide range of accessories, quick installation and replacement of accessories
  • the use of special, resistant to moisture, dust and chemical compounds, impact-resistant plastics, which significantly increases the service life of products
  • special vibration-proof contact designs.


Thanks to their superior design, circuit breakers are widely used in industry. Circuit breakers are suitable for various control systems and take advantage in the field of shipbuilding and power generation (power plants, nuclear power plants, etc.), where high reliability and high technical characteristics are the main selection criteria. This is confirmed by appropriate certificates.